Le Tourneau PCM 220S Crane

This a re-creation of the Le Tourneau PCM 220S, a pedestal crane used on oil rigs. It was created with the intention of being used as part of a Drilling Rig simulator hence the lack of cab interior. Created as part of my application to a placement position last year.

This was my first experience of using Substance Painter, hence the simplicity however I wanted to put it onto my portfolio at this time to demonstrate my ability to re-create vehicles and objects from schematics and photos.

Created as part of an environment modelling test it was created to the following specification:

Poly count: <30,000
Must be suitable for use in Unity
Textured with AO Maps
Retain as much detail as possible

Total work time on this model was around 33 hours. Including research and preparation.

The model stands at ~23,000 polys and ~40,000 tris. Textures were created using Substance Painter and is a part of my very first attempts at texturing, particularly on a model as big as this.

Le Tourneau PCM 220S Crane